Tips to Make Blogs Interesting and Eminently Readable

Blog writing

Are you a blogger whose write-ups evoke more yawns than interest? In that case, you can be sure that the reader will surely bounce off half way through the piece. In today’s world that is literally saturated with content and more content readers will hardly spend time on pieces they do not enjoy reading. So how do you make your blog gripping enough to hold on to readers’ attention from the first word to the last?

  • Write in first person – It is the way you talk to a person and should come naturally to you. Further, by saying what YOU did personally, you sound more convincing about the authenticity of the blog. It is like guaranteeing as a writer that what you are saying is true to the best of your knowledge. You also establish an instant rapport with the reader who will be seeing your point of view through your eyes only. This also helps to firm up the credibility of your blog.

There are exceptions of course. When you are writing a blog on scholarly studies, you have to write about empirical data and results and findings of the study. Here you have to write as a third person looking into the matter from outside.

  • Foreshadow – This helps to keep the reader on tenterhooks as to what you will come up with next. Something like, “What’s he going to do now? Will he succeed or fail?” The reader will surely be on your blog till he finds out what’s going to happen.

  • Changing Directions – Do not abruptly change directions, gently lead the reader into it. Otherwise he/she will get mentally disorientated and lose the flow of your writing. In such cases where you are going on to another completely different point, use headlines, bullet points or numbers. You will convey the thought easily that you are making a new point.

  • Word Count – You should be able to strike the right word count balance in relation to your topic. There is nothing like “this much and no more”. You have to clearly put your point of view across regardless of the word count. If your blog is interesting, readers will stay with you through lengthy articles too. Again, if you pare your blog to the bare essentials in your quest for brevity, you have created an outline and not a blog. You need to say enough to explain your thoughts.

  • Short sentences – This is very important. Do not write long sentences that will leave the reader mentally exhausted and out of breath while reading it. Cut your subject into short and crisp sentences.

Have a natural approach and try to blend your topic seamlessly into a clear and lucid blog.