Tips to get Hired Easily

Getting hired

Even though this article is on tips to get hired easily, readers should be aware that there are no short cut methods and following these guidelines is not a guarantee that you will get a job. However, doing so will surely help smoothen the process and enhance the possibility of success.

There are two components that you have to work on. The first is the basics that need to be taken care of before you even enter the interview room. These include –

  • Carry out advanced searches – Start off with advanced searches on job portals. Do not give general information. Be specific about the type of job that will suit you and ones that match your qualifications and experience. Put such keywords as the required location, job title, company type and your skill sets. Once you set filters you will be forwarded jobs that match your requirements, thereby enhancing the possibility of getting the job of your dreams.
  • Contact recruitment agencies. Your best bet would be to contact agencies specialising in labour hire in Melbourne or whichever city you are looking for a job in. You will have to send in an application to them and later attend an interview. You will be counselled by expert consultants of the job opportunities available that meets what you are looking for after which your name will be included in their database. Once a job vacancy is notified to them by a company or business with requirements that are the same as your qualification or experience, you will be notified by the agency for attending the interview.

Since a preliminary interview has already been done by industry experienced consultants, the final interview at the company is usually a formality. One of the leaders amongst recruitment agencies is First Personnel based in Melbourne.

  • Specific covering letter – Business owners hardly have time to go through a clutch of resumes every time a vacancy crops up. The trick is to have a covering letter to the resume that says it all. It is generally said that you have to convince the hiring executive about your suitability for the job within the first paragraph of the covering letter itself. Only then will your resume be gone through and you will be considered favourably at the interview.
  • Tweak your resume – You might have general skill sets and knowledge but when it comes to different interviews tweak your resume every time to create a favourable image that you are just right to be recruited. Edit your resume in a way that it is as close as possible to the job requirements.

The second component is the way you carry yourself and respond at the interview.

  • Clear and specific responses – Give precise answers to questions. Interviewers do not have time to listen to long rambling conversation type answers. It also shows that you are not confident of the subject.
  • Have a warm friendly approach – By showing that you have a pleasant disposition you are sending out a signal to your potential employer that you will be able to blend in seamlessly within the organisation with other colleagues.
  • Dress correctly- You need not be very formal but then, an interview is no party either. Dress for the occassion in a manner that reflects your commitment to take your job seriously.

Keep these things in mind and sailing through an interview and getting a job should be easy for you.